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New Mixtape From the homey Ball Greezy

Man I’m so happy  for all the success coming my boys way a solid ass dude with dope music it’s been long over due after going viral  with his #sogonechallange freestyle Greezy has really picked up a broader fan base and has gained exposure in new markets that has made this one of his most successful years y’all go cop this right now and support real music

I won’t ever stop

just wanna let y’all know Ima keep going amidst the hate,the plots against me,the blockades,the police,the p.os and the c.os,the scandalous broads, the fake and phony friends and family I keep going, I keep striding my only competition is yesterday my only fear is fear it’s self love me or hate me I’m here and I got no where to be “MusicFaLaidBackRealNiggas” on the way the true supporters I love y’all ✌?️✌?✌?

New Shit on the way I’m not going nowhere

imageI’m Working
Hey what’s good it’s ya main man Ron Slyda and you’re getting this is me personally saying this because of your loyalty to my Brand I just felt as always I owe it to you to let you know I’m back at it and you can expect new music and new vids soon I can’t lie it’s hard for me to focus cause u know I’m living what I write so I life for me is adventurous to say the least…but anyway stay tuned and tell everybody u can I’m not done and I got flame on the way with Valholla,I know you’re waiting on “Red Winter” but I got “MusikFaLaidBackRealNiggaz” up next this project is needed for the ones who don’t understand what this movement has been about so far but trust you’re gonna love it it’s still that Slyda music you use to…Until then I need y’all to please share my last project that I linked to this email with your and on all your social media outlets and let’s wake up any body who sleep cause “NiggazAinSayNuttin” …….love